Thursday, October 12, 2006

Miss Tootie Tilden

So we got a new bassett and Tootie is her name-o! Actually, she is Soxie's real half-sister. They have the same daddy! She is just six months younger than Soxie. She's not quite as loud, but she does have lots of energy!

Can you tell which is which? Tootie on the left. Soxie on the right.
Soxie has more white on her nose, and her ears are up more. Tootie always has a look on her face like she has done something wrong.


Anonymous Mom said...

Oh, how cutie, pa-tootie! Now both of my oldest children have identical twin girls. Did you know you have an Aunt Tootie?

9:51 AM

Blogger J. R. and Jayme said...

Steph!! I found you! It's Jayme Lee. Check out our blog at Email me @ and let me know how you're doing. Love and miss you!!

8:42 PM


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