Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Our Poor Little Coney

Well, it happened again! Soxie got another ear infection. The vets are baffled. The have no idea why this keeps happening and neither do we. We clean her ears all the time. Anyways, this time they had to put a funnel-cone hat on her head to keep her from scratching her ears. She hates it. She mopes around, because she doesn't like wearing it. She runs into cabinets, gets stuck under chairs and tables because of it. It's been really sad. Our only fun is that we have had a good time coming up with nicknames for Soxie like: Conehead, Funnel Face, Helmet Dog, Darth Soxious, Little Coney, Lampshade, and Plastic Demon.

Soxie is running from the camera with embarrassment.


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