Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Opening Day

Redsox win 7-3 over the Rangers on a hot day in Arlington, Texas. That was the result of opening day at Ameriquest Field in Arlington. I was sitting down the 3rd base side, in Left Field. The seats were good. The game was great. Mac Brown threw out the first pitch. Roger Clemens was in the stands. We gave him a standing-O. Big Papi cranked one out and I honestly called it, on the pitch and everything! Mike Lowell cranked one too! It was sweetness. Baseball is back in the air, and so is the smell of those ever so wonderful garlic fries. Here are a few pictures of my fun afternoon....

Manny being Manny, or just pulling up his pants. Who knows?

Mike Timlin and the fellas laughing it up in the bullpen. They were probably making fun of the Rangers' pitching.

Schilling after a nice pitch! He had a lot of those. My camera is not that great, but Schilling was on this day! Hopefully he'll stay that way all year!


Blogger tlboger said...

I love a great day at the ballpark. At the end of April I will be seeing my beloved Mets at Turner Field, hopefully I won't get beat up....Wright for MVP!!

8:37 AM


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