Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Much Ado Bout Nutin'

Nothing extremely exciting has been happening as of late. We've been doing a lot of youth things, and we got our carpets cleaned. YEAH!!!! Now, you know why I put this picture of Stephanie looking bored on here. Actually, I was making her pose. What a cutie!

March Madness is coming up, which I always love and adore! The World Baseball Classic is also a nice addition to this month. However, I find my emotions being mixed, trying to root for Derek Jeter and A-Rod. It's all about the Laundry!


Blogger foh said...

nice serious pose!.. excellent stuff!

4:53 PM

Anonymous mom tilden said...

Stephanie you are a cutie pie....

11:47 AM

Blogger tlboger said...

I always knew that Jeter and A-Rod were always close, but not that close. I guess the new slogan for the 06 Yankees season should be "Brokeback Infield"...Jeff be looking for my baseball picks coming soon on my blog.

1:11 PM


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