Thursday, January 26, 2006

Three Cheers for Stephanie

As a minister's wife, Stephanie has to put up with a lot. Late hours, last minute meetings, long youth trips, and now having to put up with a little monster named Soxie.

In the grand scheme of things, nothing I do matters unless my family is unified and together. I pray that Stephanie and I will always strive to be unified as a family. I really do love Stephanie. Sometimes, I take all the things she does for me for granted. She does a lot, and she deserves the best.

On a side note, it is good that I am having these reflecting thoughts so closely to Valentine's Day. That just means extra goodies for her in a couple weeks. Peace out.


Anonymous Bro John and Peggy Walker said...

Hi Jeff and Steph,
Bro John and I enjoyed viewing and reading some of your BLOG. We congratulate you upon your graduation from Southwestern (our alma mater!) It's such a blessing to read of your and Steph's service for our Lord!!!
Calm down about the Texas Longhorns! Remember your former pastor is a TEXAS AGGIE and proud of it!! In April we are heading down that way to attend the Aggie Muster on campus. Once a TEXAN, ALWAYS A TEXAN!! :-)
God bless you both!
Peggy Walker

8:26 AM

Blogger Jeff and Steph Tilden said...

Don't worry, I have no allegiance to the Longhorns. I'd root for the Aggies too. It was good to hear from you guys. Take care!

6:31 AM


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