Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Soxie's Rage

Soxie is getting bigger, and staying as crazy as ever. Actually, she has really improved, behavorial-wise. We still need to work on her biting. She loves to bite everything.

Obviously, Soxie took the news about Carson Palmer's injury pretty hard. She showed her frustration by tearing up his ESPN the Magazine Cover Page.

Soxie is still afraid of the Whoopie cushion. It's hilarious. She'll stare at it for 30 minutes at a time, wondering if it is going to go off or not.

Stephanie and I are doing good. We've been staying busy. We are still enjoying the house on Boardwalk. Some days we get to run together. That has been really fun! It will be nice once our church gets a new pastor and things settle down a little bit. However, that may take a year. We just have to be patient and remember God is in control.

Yes, I take pictures of everything.

By the way, if you want to know what we are up to with our youth, check out our Youth's new webpage..... www.xanga.com/chialphayouth
There will be pictures and updates. Hopefully soon the youth will be posting their own stuff as well. Check it out!


Blogger Wammer said...

its ok to take lots of pics

8:51 AM

Blogger Sarah B. said...

Cute dog! Miss y'all!

8:30 PM


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