Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Throw Me a Stinkin' Bone

While Stephanie was showering, Soxie decided to redecorate our bathroom. She chose this lovely shredded toilet paper motif.

Seriously, Soxie loves to chew everything. We have bought her many toys, bones, and other chewables. However, she loves to chew on things that she discovers on her own. She loves shoes, the side of the couch, the Christmas tree and ornaments, light fixtures, and obviously toilet paper from right off the roll.

We have tried everything to try and discipline her. She responds to some things, but it seemed as if there was nothing we could do to get her to understand that she should not bite!

IRONICALLY, we found a discipline solution with a newly acquired Whoopie Cushion. She hates the Whoppie Cushion. She cowers in fear as soon as I blow the Whoopie Cushion up. Now, everytime she bites something, I get the Whoopie Cushion out and she immediately quits. She even listens to me better now. Even without the Whoopie Cushion she is much better at doing what I ask.

Now, if I could just use the Whoopie Cushion to make her clean up the toilet paper.


Blogger Wammer said...

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1:55 PM

Blogger Wammer said...

Your dog looks crazy Jeff!

1:56 PM

Blogger Sarah B. said...

That's awesome! Does Soxie run when you fart?

2:09 PM

Blogger Jeff and Steph Tilden said...

Yes, she does.

4:47 PM


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