Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Seminary Days Aren't Here to Stay

In June of 2002, when we moved onto Texas soil, I never dreamed that this day would occur. It seemed only like an illusion or a dream sequence. I worried. I worried that I would become one of the statistics. Fifty percent of all students that attend Seminary, drop out before they finish. One out of every ten marriages are destroyed during Seminary. People have left Seminary hurt and dejected, and more confused than ever before. I knew when I stepped foot into my first class, that I had to be on my guard. I could end up another Seminary casualty. It seems crazy, but it is true. Half of my Spiritual Life group dropped out of Seminary. In fact, I graduated with only one person from that class of nine people. Seminary is tough. Satan attacks, because he knows that the training and atmosphere are phenomenal for producing young ministers. It is scary to him.

Graduation day did occur. December 9,2005 at 10 a.m. in Fort Worth, Texas, I received my Masters of Divinity degree with a concentration in Biblical Languages. It was a bittersweet affair. I will really miss a lot of things about the seminary, my friends, Fort Worth, and the music library. However, it is done. Another chapter closed in our life. A chapter that will forever produce many wonderful and difficult memories. A chapter that helped Stephanie and I grow closer together. I really will miss it.


Anonymous fohshizzle said...

yes, i do miss ft. worth also. gladly managed to make 4 crazy visits.. won't forget those armadillos! seemed like we've just helped you unload the sofa and boxes from the truck.. and now you're out and away. time flies..!

1:54 PM


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