Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Turkey Day

Me and the twins.

We surprised our families in Tennessee for Thanksgiving this year. It was cool. We really enjoyed spending time with them. We brought Soxie. She was a little booger. She bit everyone in sight. She likes to bite everything. She started biting a Glades Plug-In on the wall the other day. We have to constantly watch her right now.

Soxie didn't find the reindeer hat we bought her as cute as we did.

We were disappointed to leave Tennessee. It is always hard leaving the family. Things in Midlothian are tough right now. Our pastor, Bro. Jerry Hall, resigned last week. This has really been hard on our church. However, I cling on to the hope from God to get us through this transition and work greatness through our church in the coming years. I pray that Bro. Jerry continues to be used by God as well.

I think most people have been solid so far in this process. However, we have a long road to hoe. Pray for us.


Blogger GrandmamaS said...

Jeff and Stepanie, we were so glad that you surprised us. :) So enjoyed having you home for Thanksgiving. Glad you got back home safe. Will be praying for you as you lead the youth and help out in your pastors absence. Pray that the Lord will lead someone to become your pastor soon to bless your chruch and you two.
God bless you both,
Love ya, Grandmama S.

2:18 PM


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