Friday, November 11, 2005


You can say I did a simulated version of Wednesday nights the over the past 8 weeks. The Chi Alpha youth did SIMULATE. They competed in challenges, led devotions, brought guests, and dug into the 10 Commandments. This was a small trial run of what will be a much larger version of the program starting in January.

It took a lot of energy out of myself and Stephanie. I will probably recruit more adult help for the next semester. I feel like I already need a sebaticle. It was definitely worth every second though. We have a core group of about 13 kids. However, over the course of SIMULATE we had 30 different youth come. Now if we can just start shifting that group into Sunday school and youth events, then we can really start making an impact through Oak Crest in Midlothian.

We're excited about the possibilities coming up this new year. I'm really hoping to lead those who are already showing maturity into their own disciple maker. That way, our youth will be a team united in winning this community to Christ.


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