Monday, November 21, 2005

Meet Soxie

On Saturday, we received a new addition to our family. Meet Soxie. She is our little Bassett Hound puppy. She's just the sweetest thing. She howls like a little dickens, but we already love her so much. We named her Soxie, because of the Red Sox of course. However, it also fits because her ears look like a pair of long socks. We hope that she continues to add joy to our household.


Anonymous MOM said...

Jeff, you look good with hair... You are so handsome. Stephanie you are a cutie... and your little baby puppy is adorable.

5:00 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff & Stephanie,

I just searched for your new address to send a Christmas card... And found you blog. I love the new dog. It's so cute. You both look great as well!

If you wouldn't mind emailing me your new address - my email is mistybc at comcast dot net.

Hope you are doing well!


10:02 PM


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