Friday, November 18, 2005

Ice, Ice Baby


Can you believe that they actually have ice skating in Texas? Well they do in Arlington at the Parks Mall. It was actually pretty cool. Of course after ice skating I went into the store "Sharper Image". They have all these cool electronic gadgets, including real looking lightsabers, robots, and massage chairs. I spent like 15 minutes in one of the massage chairs. It was really nice. I left feeling loopy, but totally recovered from the ice skating venture. One of my youth, Logan, actually plays hockey for a Midlothian travel team. He was fast on his skates.

(up top) Floyd checkin' Ryan up against the glass.
Logan and Jessie are in the background.

(TOP LEFT)That's me trying to be stupid like I was a professional ice skater. (LOWER RIGHT)Stephanie and Bre watch the Zamboni. It is still my dream to ride a Zamboni.

Ryan and Jessie duel it out with the light sabers. We got in trouble by the store manager shortly after this. :(

Raquel fell asleep in one of the massage chairs.

This sign was hilarious in the ice skating rink. That's why I made Ryan stand next to it so I could take a picture. How many pregnant women go ice skating? I was also glad to know that gift certificates are available.

Floyd found a snake in the church parking lot and picked up to kiss it. Then he threw it at some of the girls. This is coming from a guy who shoots squirrels, skins them, and puts tacks their fur up on his bedroom wall. I promise. I've seen it.


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