Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Closed the Deal

Stephanie and I want to thank you for your prayers. We closed the deal yesterday on our new home in Midlothian. We are actually starting to move in today. We probably won't stay in the house until Friday night though. We have a lot to do. When we get things up, I'll take pictures and put them on the blog.

The Chi Alpha Youth D-NOW 2005

Disciple Now was this weekend for our youth. Stephanie taught a group. Robby came down and taught one. Jeremy Carroll also taught a group. It absolutely wore me out, but it was worth it. Here are a few pictures from the event.

That's me on the trampoline at one of the host homes. I was trying to bounce Bre and Signa, sisters, off the trampoline. I bounced Signa a couple feet in the air one time.

Ryan and the world's largest dog. His name is "Bigfoot". The name suites him very well. Ryan is about 6'. When Bigfoot put his snout on me, it about reached my chest. He was a very friendly dog though. He's a Great Dane.

Jessie and Keeley eating pizza and being just plain goofy.


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congrats tildens!

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