Tuesday, September 13, 2005

What's Happening

What's up? I just wanted to throw down an update. Please visit my sister Amber's new blog, www.amberglynn.blogspot.com. It will tell you all about Amber and Justin and the cute little twinkies! Hopefully, pictures are coming soon.

Stephanie and I are doing well. Stephanie is currently interviewing for positions in Midlothian. It will be nice for both of us to be working in the same town, so that we don't have to drive all over place burning precious gas. At three bucks a gallon, we gotta conserve! Stephanie is taking a class over at the seminary to finish up her wives certificate. I am very proud of her. The class focuses on biblical doctrine and systematic theology. It is the type of stuff all Christians should know but don't.

I am still enjoying my job at Oak Crest. I stay busy all the time. That's why there will be no pictures this time. I am still losing weight. I'm down to 173-175 right now. Friends and family keep asking me what the secret is. I honestly think weight loss is like your finances. Packing on the pounds is like being in debt. You have to work your way out of debt by saving and paying things off. You can't pay things off if you keep buying more junk. You can't lose weight by jogging a mile and eating like a wild banchee. You have to eat right for a while and lose all the excess weight. When you finally reach an ideal weight, you can start eating some stuff that you enjoy, but you have to keep exercising hard and don't over do it. Be conservative with your Taco Bell runs and pizza scarfing.

Keep us updated on your lives. Let us know what is rockin' in your world. Please pray for my immediate family right now. Dad, Mom, Mark, Amber, Justin, Alexis, and Brianna. They are going through a difficult time right now. Peace out and God Bless. -Tilden's


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hey, when you coming back to cvile?

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