Monday, August 29, 2005

Lock and Load

Youth ministry at Oak Crest is in full swing. We survived a lock-in that we had on Friday night. I played a good prank on all the youth. I had some of our college guys help out. I made them enter the lock-in one at a time. They came into a room and we were waiting in a frat-like initiation atmosphere. We told them that in order to enter the lock-in, they had to be initiated. We made them do stuff like bark like a dog, slap themselves in the face, jumping jacks while spelling random objects, and singing. Finally, we would tell them to have a seat. What they didn't know was that the seat they were about to sit on, had a soaking wet towel on it. They would sit down on the chair and immediately their butts would be soaked. It was hilarious! All the youth fell for it!

We also went to the Midlothian Panthers football game. Many of our youth actually play football for the high school. We had a good time at the game. On Sunday the youth got me back with a prank called, "Spoons". If you don't know what that is, I am not going to tell you, because I might pull it on you sometime. HaHa!

We are still looking for a house. We think we have found one that we really like. We are probably going to try and put a bid on it. Hopefully, we can get it. When we get a house, I will post pictures. That's all for now!


Anonymous Jimmy B said...

is this real texas high football?

2:55 PM


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