Saturday, August 20, 2005

Galveston Beach

Stephanie and I enjoyed our 5th Anniversary at Galveston Beach. It was nice. We kicked back and burned on the beach for a while and we ate dinner at a restaurant right out near the water. We also took a boat ride around the island and got to see some dolphins!

Here is the best shot I could get of the dolphins. It was hard to predict when they were going to jump out of the water! I got some good video though. Ask me sometime and I will show it to you.

On a different note....

Last Monday was my last day at Bowld. I have spent 3 good years there. I really enjoyed the friendships that I built there over the years. They had the traditional pizza party for me, as they do for every other employee that leaves. It is also a tradition to take pictures of everyone fanning the person leaving. Here are a few of those pictures!

I began working at Oak Crest this past Tuesday. It has already been a lot of work. I am really enjoying it though. I'll put up some pictures of my new office once it is finished next week!


Anonymous Jim said...

looks like you guys were partying.

2:54 PM


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